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Hi Babs - Thanks for sharing your memories with us. That truly was an amazing mall. 

This mall was the go to place for shopping and for a place to take visitors to Denver. My mom loved this mall. Strolling and shopping here could take hours. And the parking was free and abundant.

Hi Ginny - Given the miles of shopping space, Cinderella City was definitely an incredibly place for strolling. As for the parking, that was clearly a priority for the mall planners...who never had to resort to paid parking in 30 years!

I, and hundreds of others, were mesmerized by the human mannequins modeling fashions on that grand staircase inside the Neusteter's store during the opening days. We stared at them for what seemed like an hour waiting for one of them to blink or make an involuntary movement to be sure they were really alive.

Neusteter's was a truly elegant store and I doubt many people who visited it will forget that staircase. Thanks for the great comment!

Cinderella City fulfilled my life,s dream. I opened Franz Hummel,s Delicatessen in 1968 and with a 30 year lease made it as my life's .fulfillment. Our sidewalk cafe kept 20 employees busy producing and serving the best. Hundreds of high school students found part time jobs and we even could some to finish their college education.Shoppers as far away as Casper Wyo. came to visit us

What a great story, Franz! It's hard to imagine a shopping mall today that could draw huge, regional crowds like that. Thanks for sharing with us!

Indeed, thanks for the comment. I still miss the deli. My grandpa, Dale Martin, used to take me there from time to time. I remember the cabbage rolls fondly!

A portion of Great Aunts farm property was sold to developer to build Villa Italia, Geico building and other business at Wadsworth/Alameda. Remember her nasty well water.

Hi JW - It's hard for most of us to picture it, but that part of Lakewood was the country for a very long time. Thanks for reading and for the great memories!


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