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That's quite an odyssey! Thanks for sharing that with us, Richard.

Cinderella City was my introduction to large Industrial, Commercial application of Switchgear, Switchboards, Transformers medium and low voltage, and all secondary distribution equipment. She was my teacher/instructor, and mentor for my lifelong career in the Electrical Industry because she was my first hands on project and I learned a lot; I owe her a lot.

As others have mentioned, the original site was to be the KLZ transmitter location. The other radio connection was that KGMC had their studios near the fountain. It was Englewood's only radio station and was on 1150kc.

I remember there was a really good Mexican restaurant near the front main entrance doors on the main floor. My friends and I use to go there to eat all the time. But I can't remember the name of the place.
You also needed comfortable shoes to get around that place, it was a long walk from one end to the other side of the building.

Hi Dee - You're right about the comfortable shoes, Cinderella City covered a lot of ground!

I missed out on going there many years ago. I drove for over one hour from Colorado Springs only to turn around, it was so far from us, but I regret it!

Sorry you missed out! It was pretty cool. Even though you can't go back, you might enjoy this computer model of the mall that was recently put together! 

Do you remember the 25 foot tall Cinderella figure rotating in one of the open central areas? She was there at Christmas. She wore a sparkling blue gown, her white-blond hair up in elegant curls and held a wee glittering coach in one hand.

Cinderella City was not built on a golf course. It was built on a city park, which featured a driving range, miniature golf course, library and swimming pool. The Englewood Golf Course was on the west side of Santa Fe Blvd., now called Broken Tee. Denny Miller field was and still is on the south side of Hampden. It was not bulldozed for the shopping mall, different location.

Can I get a list of the clothing stores that carried beautiful alpaca clothing ?


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