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Indeed, thanks for the comment. I still miss the deli. My grandpa, Dale Martin, used to take me there from time to time. I remember the cabbage rolls fondly!

A portion of Great Aunts farm property was sold to developer to build Villa Italia, Geico building and other business at Wadsworth/Alameda. Remember her nasty well water.

Hi JW - It's hard for most of us to picture it, but that part of Lakewood was the country for a very long time. Thanks for reading and for the great memories!

I lived about 5-6 blocks from Cinderella City as a teenager and watch the complex being built. As a member of the Englewood High School Band I was in attendance at the grand opening ceremonies. The EHS band performed as part of the festivities.
I recall the days before the mall was built that the land was a city park that included a small lake. I remember being told that part of the structural issues, especially the parking lot, was due to the old lake bed. It also recall pylons were bored down to bedrock during construction to support the building/parking lot because of the unstable earth below.

I too was a mall rat spending many hours inside. Englewood High School, for a brief period of time (one or two years), occupied a store front where a few class offerings were held. I attended my psychology class at the "Cinderella City Campus". I also worked part time jobs while in high school and college. My wedding ring was purchased at Zales....44 years ago.

Great memories!!!

Hi JC - You really made the most of that mall! We're doing a bit more digging to find out what exactly was where before the mall opened, so keep an eye on our blogs in the weeks and months ahead. Thanks for reading and the great memories!

I remember your deli! Great sandwiches. Thank you for the wonderful lunches when I worked in the mall!

I lived across the street from the mall. Which was great even tho I was young I hated to see the park that was there go. Just walking distance to a beautiful mall. Was fun. And to tear it down to put up a Wal Mart. Wow stupid.

The original location was the KLZ radio tower field near University and E Hampden Ave.
The folks living across the street in Cherry Hills would have nothing to do with a giant shopping center next door. Then Von Frellick convinced the Englewood City Council to sell the land at Santa Fe and Hampden. It included, the City Park, the Denny Miller city base ball files, the Lions club swimming pool and a par 3 gold course on the west.

Hi Douglas - You're right on track. There's a lot of story regarding that particular land acquisition that we'll be addressing in future articles. Thanks for reading!

I remember this MALL well. Cinderella City was my introduction to the Electrical Industry. In 1965 I worked for ZINSCO an electrical manufacturing company. We designed and supplied all the electrical distribution equipment for this MALL from 1965-68 when she opened in Englewood; I was there at Cinderella City’s birth and I was in Denver when they gutted her; I hated seeing her die.


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