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I remember working for mr Von Frellick he was a very knowledgable man he trained me to sell office space for Academy Park when it first opened and he was working on a kiosk for realtors he always was thinking out of box and I was so excited when he promoted me to work with future clients who needed office space. I liked sales a lot and he gave everyone a chance to succeed and his daughter Gerry was very nice. His Diamond Hill project was developing he was a man with compassion for life and respected your opinion but he Expected his employees to put in a good days work no slackers. So glad I found this article I am over 70 now and was just telling my husband about him as we discussed our beginning jobs. Great man

Last time talked to him was around 1977 1978
Just wrote note adding
To it another thought he was a true visionary

I think there was a train that kids could ride in the park before the mall was built? Seems the "engineer" said that the train would not run next year because of a mall being built. I was so mad at the mall being constructed.

My father James Larkin owned a small barbecue restaurant on Hampton Road where Cinderella City was to be built, called Dixie Barbecue. When Cinderella City was approved, I suppose the owner of building he was in (in was on the corner of Hampton and another street, looked like a converted home) ended the lease to my father and he had to move away (it was to become part of the parking lot of Cinderella City) to a new business called Town and Country Catering. As a small boy I have very fond memories of Dixie Barbecue, 'helping' my father as a 5 or 6 year old boy and the kitchen, food lockers, and forever the smell of barbecue cooking outside. Amazingly, we moved away from Colorado before I ever even saw Cinderella City.


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