The Rainbow Music Hall: Remembering a Legendary Denver Concert Venue

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I was at tech school at Lowry afb in 1983. A buddy and I went to see Steppenwolf at the rainbow one evening. Great show and a cool venue. Walked all the way back to the base after the show as we had no bucks for a taxi....don't remember how far. Nice to read the article on the rainbow...thanks!!


Great article! Saw several bands there including Blackfoot, Def Leppard, Triumph, and the first show ever in Colorado for Judas Priest.

I also saw April Wine and was just discussing with a friend the warm up band that replaced Kid Sister who pulled out for some reason. The replacement band was a local Denver band and I'm pretty sure the name of the group was the guitarist's last name. Would greatly appreciate this info if anyone remembers:)

Possibilities on your question, Bill, from a friend of mine: Jinx Jones was active in Denver then as were Chris Daniels and the Kings? Any chance on one of those?


The Rainbow was a great room! Didn't the sound system consist of Klipsch speakers, and maybe other stuff? I played there in 1980 in a Denver band, TRUX, and we played with another Denver band, the Kamikaze Klones. Great times!