The Rainbow Music Hall: Remembering a Legendary Denver Concert Venue

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What an awesome article!
A couple of shows that are stamped in my mind are the early and late Jerry Garcia shows. Also, acoustic Hot Tuna shows. The sound was perfect. We always sat in the first few rows.
I just got the goosebumps..........................
thank you so very much!

Hi Don - Thanks so much for reading and we're very glad to have tripped some happy memories for you! That Jerry Garcia show must have been something - I've seen quite a few references to it online. 


Saw u2 and kamikazi klones there.

Walked out when Bono spayed beer on the mosh pit (though refreshing) Paid $120 to see them again in soldier field 20 years later. Crazy

Glad klones opened...saw thier whole amazing set ...cheers to jimmy murphy and aj coon! Wheres the reunioun tour?


I had a friend who was a bouncer at the Rainbow back in '79 or '80. She worked the night the Rossington Collins band played. After the show and all the patrons left, I had the privilege of partying with the band and the staff until the sun came up. My friends name was Nora. I lost touch with her decades ago. If anyone reading this knows or remembers her, please let me know!

Thanks for reading and posting, Marianne. It sounds like there were plenty of after hours events at the old Rainbow over the years! Nora, if you're out there, let us know. 


Anyone that worked there remember the janitors closet?? Or dividing "things" at the end of the night in the parking lot? Such great memories!

From the sounds of the comments we've received on this blog, it seems safe to say that the Rainbow staff was having about as much fun as the patrons. Thanks for the comment, Suzy!


Saw a dozen shows @ The Rainbow, but the one that blew me away was Renaissance: Holy crap!