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There's a typo in my last comment, and for some reason this system won't let me edit it. Anyway, it should be Chuck Morris, not Mortis...

Thanks, George!

Great story! From the comments, the Rainbow touched a lot of people.

Thanks, WRT!

I saw numerous shows at the Rainbow over the years, including Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Ramones, Santana, Talking Heads Weather Report, Cheap Trick, and many more. When they started tearing the building down a friend and I slipped under the construction fence one night with a hacksaw and saved a portion of the sign. You can see it now at Twist and Shout, where it holds a well-deserved place of honor as a part of Denver music history.

Hi Rick - Thanks for sharing that with us and congratulations on some excellent, freelance, archeology!

Great article Brian. My friends and I reminisce about the Rainbow constantly. Your article got the ol memories flying back again. The sound system was by Listen Up and the speakers were called Klipsch Loud Speakers. And holy cow were they loud!! Saw AC\DC there with Bon Scott.

Amazing. It might be easier to make a list of artists of that era that didn't play there. Did you know that .38 Special's concert there, the one that was aired on MTV, was not only made into a 4-song EP, but was also (supposedly) the first concert aired on MTV?

You actually had to be protected from the shoppers of the King Soopers. I remember one time when my friend and I went there to get 10 cent hot dogs before a show at the Rainbow. And one customer didn’t like the look of my friend, probably because he was wearing a Regan Hates Me, t-shirt. Anyway the customer of King Stoopids, tried kicking my buddy's ass. He may have landed a punch or two but we hi-tailed out of there and waited for the show to start. I wish I could remember what show it was. So many great shows there.

Those were some hairy times for young punks. I'm glad your friend came out of the experience unscathed!