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Great article! Saw many great shows there and I miss the place! Oingo Boingo, the Cult, ........and on and on. Before they tore down the original building and replaced it I used to take great glee in telling the pharmacist that he was standing in a place where Bob Dylan played. I also liked to remind him he was one of the few to sell drugs in the building legally.

It must be a very jarring experience to visit the Rainbow in its current state. Also, you must be very popular with the Walgreen's pharmacists! (just kidding and thanks for posting up!)

I Bought a 1968 Caddy Limo and Delivered Acts to The Rainbow.....Had BB King in the back and Lucile in the Front....Many late nights spent there....It Was An Epic Run......

I think any ride that includes BB King, Lucille and a 1968 Cadillac definitely qualifies as an "Epic Run." Thanks for sharing that with us, David.

I saw Miles during the We Want Miles tour at the Rainbow, maybe '83? When I was a kid we went to the drive-in that was there before the Rainbow.

Miles at the Rainbow must have been amazing. It seems like that site was destined for entertainment, having gone from drive-in to tri-plex theatre to concert hall. But how entertaining is that Walgreen's?

I saw Ry Cooder there. He introduced a guy playing lead guitar for him as an up and coming performer. A guy by the name of John Hiatt.

Thanks for sharing that memory with us, Brooke. The list of up-and-comers who passed through the Rainbow, and went on to make their marks in the music business, is absolutely phenomenal. 

My father and I owned Colfax Music Center, across the street from the Rainbow. I have great memories of after show late night jams with so many of the bands, Eric Clapton, U2, Little River Band, Nitty Gritty, Journey, Chick Corea, Cheap Trick, Willie Nelson...the list goes on and on. Sometimes the guys would play until the sun was coming up going through the store and picking through the gear and playing. I got to party with some of the greatest in history, in the store and in the trailer dressing rooms. Great memories.

Sounds like some good times, Jon. If those walls could talk...