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My dad still picks up a pie from Village Inn and brings it to special family functions. When I think of Village Inn, I think of pies.....and back when they had smoking on onehalf of the restaurant and non-smoking on the other half. As if the smoke new the difference. We would accept the smoking seating if it was busy enough because you could sit faster. Ah, memories...

We remember the old days of "smoking" and "non-smoking" sections, too! And who could forget the pie. Thanks for reminiscing!

I just saw the Village Inn at Colorado Blvd. and Mexico closed. Does anyone know why and if something else is moving in there?

Hi Karen,
Village Inn's official website notes that this location is permanently closed. We'll keep an eye out on what will be moving in.


Help, Help!!
On 03/01/2019, my wife and I visited the Village Inn (#110788). Since it was "All you can eat Fish Fry" I took advantage of the Friday Special. Since I do love fish meals (great for one's health) I had one serving of fish, and made the server (Sydnee) of my love for fish, and requested another serving of fish. Upon completing this meal, I wanted another fish meal. After a very long wait for the additional fish meal, I was served a great fish meal.

Having enough of the three (3) servings, I checked out at the register, where there was a lot of confusion with the cashier (Nicolas) attempting to handle another customer's purchase. Finally I was waited upon at the register (still a lot of confusion going on), I inquired as to any senior discounts giving to seniors, the cashier did agree and gave me a $10.35 discount and informed me that my entire order with the discount would be $43.46. I did inquire as to the high amount and asked the cashier if the amount was correct. The cashier did inform me that it was correct. I did add a $6.51 tip for the server, the total of the bill was $49.97 and we departed the restaurant, at about 7:15 PM.

Upon arriving at my residence, I checked the receipt (40119) and noted that I was charged 3 AYCE Fish Frys @ $11.99, adding up to $35.97, it was then that I called the restaurant and spoke to the manager on duty (Kenny Baeza). The manager informed me that the server had made an error on her computer and that he would contact his supervisor (Rosh) and make certain that I would be credited with $23.98 back on my credit card. Kenny Baeza informed me that I should receive the credited amount by the 5th or 6th of March. Mr. Baeza informed me that he was going on vacation and would make certain the matter would be resolved when he returned.

Not hearing anything else about my issue, my wife and I went back to the restaurant on 03/08/2019 to have a lunch meal. During our stay, I requested the manager presence at our table to discuss the above issue. The manager (Alanna T.) was informed of the issue and she informed me that she would contact the manager Kenny Baeze and make certain that the issue would be resolved.

At about 5:30 PM, still not hearing anything from Kenny Baeze, I traveled to the restaurant and made contact with Mr. Baeze. The Manager indicated that he was very sorry that the issue was not resolved and would make certain that it would corrected soon. For my troubles, Mr, Baeze offered me a free meal today, I could not take advantage of his offer at this time, Mr. Baeze gave me his business card indicating I could have a free meal at the restaurant.

As of the writing of this message 03/15/2019, I have not received any credit to my account for the promised amount of $23.98. I am at a lost as to where to I now go to resolve this issue. I have always enjoyed my meals at Village Inn, however it does appear that there is a problem with resolving issues of customer complaints. I really want to return to the Village Inn restaurant in the future, but now I am worried that this issue may occur again and take away from any good dining experience that I have had in the past. Upon reading this message please advise me as to my next step with this issue.

Al Walls

I'm sorry to hear about your difficult experience, Al. Unfortunately, we are not affiliated with Village Inn and can only direct you to their customer service at

Folks ask me if we can purchase the salad dressing that the old Colorado Springs Village Inn served and possibly made or sold in you remember what kind it was?

.Glad to see the Rolla name surface. I knew the Village Inn through the Atwell Family!
Remember the COLORADO ROOM .....and the pub downstairs..... great lunch time spot!,, I loved their HALIBET!!!


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