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Interesting read! The Cherry Creek location closed and became Toast, which was managed (and possibly owned?) by a former DPL employee and her husband before it, too, closed.

Thanks for reading and commenting, NH!

My grandfather, Frank Rolla, purchased the original Village Inn and Pub Lounge from Mola & Anderson in September 1961. My family operated it for the next 20 years or so…It was a staple in the Springs area and the food was so much better than any of the pancake house franchises that it spawned.

Very interesting, C Rolla! Thanks for the follow-up on the original Village Inn in Colorado Springs!

What happened to the location, did your fam sell?

Fascinating. I had no idea Village Inn originated in CO.

Good things start in Colorado! Thanks for reading:)

I know it was a big thing in our family to go out to eat there. I remember they had lots of different flavored syrups. Fond memories of the strawberries and cream topped pancakes. The Belgian waffle was a big hit in our family too. Comfy booths. Also have fond memories of Round the Corner restaurant, which seemed to be a local chain. Was fun to order things by phone at your booth.

Sounds like a simply delicious memory, Keeg! Thanks for sharing.

And now we're curious about the Round the Corner restaurants...

My dad still picks up a pie from Village Inn and brings it to special family functions. When I think of Village Inn, I think of pies.....and back when they had smoking on onehalf of the restaurant and non-smoking on the other half. As if the smoke new the difference. We would accept the smoking seating if it was busy enough because you could sit faster. Ah, memories...


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