Denver Assessor Records

The Denver Assessor Records provide an index to City of Denver Grantor/Grantee information and can give a chain of ownership of Denver property by legal description (addition, block and lot numbers) or parcel number, but there is generally no indication of whether or not there is a structure on the property. The earliest records from the 1870s to 1917 are on microfilm in the Special Collections and Archives Department. The Digital Collections include handwritten Assessor block and lot index ledger volumes for the City of Denver from the late 1800s to the early 1950s indexed on an interactive map.  Later Master Property Records are filed by parcel number and extend into the 1980s.  For more information see the Denver Building History Tutorial.

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Denver Assessor Records Index Map - late 1800s to the 1950s

The Assessor Records provide an index to City of Denver Grantor/Grantee information and can give you a chain of ownership of Denver property. The Assessor Volumes cover the time period from the late 1800’s to the 1950’s. Earlier records are on microfilm and more recent records are on cards arranged by Parcel Number.

Denver Grantor Grantee Records

Denver Grantor Grantee Records

The Grantor Grantee deed books are the legal documentation concerning property transfers. These may give additional information about the property transfer.

1859 - 1860: Grantee and Grantor

1859 - 1861:  Grantee

1861 - 1867: Grantee Book 1, Grantee Book 2 and Grantor

1867 - 1868: Grantee and Grantor

1870 - 1872: Grantee and Grantor

1872 - 1874: Grantee and Grantor

1874 - 1875: Grantee and Grantor

1875 - 1877: Grantee and Grantor

1877 - 1878: Grantee and Grantor

1880 - 1881: Grantee and Grantor Book 1, Grantor Book 2

1881 May - Dec.: Grantee and Grantor

1882 Jan. - Sept.: Grantee and Grantor

1882 Oct. - 1883 June: Grantee and Grantor

1883 July - Dec.: Grantee and Grantor

1884: Grantee and Grantor