Remembering Denver's Fashion Bar


I remember FB also. I was wondering if you remember them having these coins. I have two of them. I know they are not worth any cash. But I wondered what they were used for in the store?


I still talk about shopping at Fashion Bar everytime I earned my 100.00 paycheck. That was one of the highlights in my teens. I loved that store.


They also closed Celebrity Sports Center! And the Buckingham Mall! And probably other things from when I was a kid. Jerks!


Truly enjoy seeing your article. Please reach out to me - would love to meet you and understand what inspired you to write this piece. I think it's safe to say my Aunt would be proud. I will pass this along to the family.

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Lisa, I am so pleased that you enjoyed the article. It was so much fun to research. I will be in touch by e-mail. Thank you for reading and sharing!



I worked for FB for over 15 years and cherish the memories of that time . Hannah was a touching soul who I adored and jack were both retail visionaries . Also admired Jack and Bob as well later. I worked at most of the locals . Started in FC and last was the Mgr at my adored local FB Careers at Tamarac Sq . I still keep in contact with some friends and we often remember how much hard work but fun we had . I wish there were more pics as there were so many at the entrance to the offices at 401 . If other x FBers' see this please join our Fashion Bar face book page !

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