Remembering Denver's Fashion Bar


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I remember FB also. I was wondering if you remember them having these coins. I have two of them. I know they are not worth any cash. But I wondered what they were used for in the store?

I still talk about shopping at Fashion Bar everytime I earned my 100.00 paycheck. That was one of the highlights in my teens. I loved that store.

What a great high school job! Thanks for sharing, Kellie!

They also closed Celebrity Sports Center! And the Buckingham Mall! And probably other things from when I was a kid. Jerks!

You'll enjoy the photos in this post (featuring the Celebrity Sports Center)!


Do you have any pictures from the 80's?

Check out our Digital Collections for radical 1980s photos! We also have the Rocky Mountain News photo collection which contains thousands of undigitized photos from the 1980s, arranged alphabetically by subject. Stop in to the Western History and Genealogy Department (Central Library, 5th Floor) to view this fantastic collection!

Truly enjoy seeing your article. Please reach out to me - would love to meet you and understand what inspired you to write this piece. I think it's safe to say my Aunt would be proud. I will pass this along to the family.

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Lisa, I am so pleased that you enjoyed the article. It was so much fun to research. I will be in touch by e-mail. Thank you for reading and sharing!


I worked for FB for over 15 years and cherish the memories of that time . Hannah was a touching soul who I adored and jack were both retail visionaries . Also admired Jack and Bob as well later. I worked at most of the locals . Started in FC and last was the Mgr at my adored local FB Careers at Tamarac Sq . I still keep in contact with some friends and we often remember how much hard work but fun we had . I wish there were more pics as there were so many at the entrance to the offices at 401 . If other x FBers' see this please join our Fashion Bar face book page !

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