Remembering Denver's Fashion Bar


Ginny! I have such fond memories of you in the buying office. We have a Facebook group - you should come play with us :) aka Fashion Bar, Retail at Its Best

Hey! Your name sounds familiar. I worked there in the 80's, in the junior department with Lynn Smith, Jennifer Greer, Vanessa Thornton and a gal named Tammy and one named Wendy. I had such a good time working with these gals, what a great memory!


I still have some things I bought at FB! When the new library opened in 1995 we had floods caused by rain in the Government documents stacks because of some architectural issues. I was brand new to Government document reference. Because I was wearing my black suede high heeled boots with my green and black dress from FB, I was left to work alone on the Government Documents Reference Desk while all the other librarians had to go slog it out saving the wet documents. Thank you Fashion Bar!


The FB Design at Tamarac Square was a concept waaaay before it's time. As a teenager I shopped there with my parents who bought many, many things in that store jam packed with awesome household stuff! Too bad that store does not still exist. It would have made a killing today. I can still picture that store in my mind. Upstairs at Tamarac.

Thanks for the memories!


I worked for Fashion Bar for 14 1/2 years. I started out at FB mens at Lakeside Mall as a sales clerk then as the boys department manager. I then transferred to the accounting department. I worked for FB until my position was phased out with the transfer of ownership. Fashion Bar was a great place to work. I especially remember the fun Christmas and summer parties.


This was very interesting indeed. I have mixed emotions about FB. I truly wish I had been smarter back then and contacted the owner, at least Hannah, when I went through this situation: I LOVED the Fashion Bar store(s) and was an avid shopper there. I had a credit card but it was in joint name with my husband. We had a business together (photography studio on west side of town). Mind you, we're talking 1960's! He moved out, filed for divorce & left me with a 2 year old baby boy. Being a single mother, I got a job in downtown Denver and applied for a credit card in my own name. When the "powers that be" contacted me about it, they said I had to pay off the balance on the card and then I would be given a card in my own name. Great! I paid it off and then they REFUSED to give me a card! I was crushed and then angry as a wet hen. After that, I no longer shopped at FB. That grieved me because I really did like everything I got there!

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