Remembering Denver's Fashion Bar


For clarification. .Lippmann was the CFO of Fashion Bar for several decades reporting to Bill Weil and was slated to be the next President. This planned transition path never occured and he decided to retire to Scottsdale AZ. After a short period of training under Bill Weil Bob Levy elected to become President much to early, followed by the economic downturn. 401 was the name of the new Corporate Offices and Distribution Center build in 1982, on Levy Brother land located in Aurora, sorry I did not Check my spelling

The ego of Bob Levy wanting to be President without proper training which Bill Weil wanted to do for a couple of years and rejected by Bob Levy and continued infiding between Bob Levy and John Levy sank FASHION BAR QUICKLY


My shopping trips to Fashion Bar were always a success from the time I was a teenager until its very last year. I always found something that fit correctly without requiring alterations. I especially loved the shoe department. Always excellent quality, fashionable styles and great value. I still miss it!


I loved shopping at The Stage store in The Crossroads Mall while attending CU Boulder. How I wish I still had some of those dresses now; they are back in style with a dash of vintage!


I was their Jr Sportswear Fashion Illustrator, fresh from Parsons School of Design in 1968, when I persuaded Art Director Mel Loeb to
Allow me to integrate minorities into the drawings for fashion ads in Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News. Fashion Bar was the first clothing store in Colorado...and the entire Midwest Region I believe, to feature people of color, side by side with Caucasions, in the Fashion ads beginning early November 1968. Within one or two months, May D&F along with all Department stores in Colorado and beyond, integrated their ads as well.


The video about Hannah Levy and Fashion Bar brought back so many memories. My Grandmother Pearl Swiatoviak started working in the Accounting in the 1950’s, and retired from there in the late 1960’s. My sisters and I made bows at Christmas for all the stores earring our Christmas spending money. I was the Executive Office Receptionist for Jack Levy, Bill Weil, Hannah and their Secretary Wanda Cubs. To this day in 2020, I still have the necklace Hannah gave me for Christmas in 1972. So many of us considered ourselves as the Fashion Bar Family.

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