Remembering Denver's Fashion Bar


I've been looking everywhere for someone who remembers that and just now saw this comment. I was starting to think I'd made it up in my head. I've been trying like crazy to find a clip of one of those "your Fashion Bar is showing ads online, but I've had no luck so far.


What a nice review of a grand story. I will just mention John Levy, Jack's youngest son, who was the last to hold the stores together as we all watched the retail business change so much in the late 80s and early 90s. John stayed to the bitter end and was directly involved in the dismantling of this great Colorado success story.

Sandra, thank you for reading and commenting. And thank you for mentioning John Levy, who gracefully took the reins during a rough period in the retail business. It's great to see so many people commenting on this story--Fashion Bar was truly a beloved store.  


My family were and are very close with the Levy's and my father worked at Fashion Bar for many years as their men's clothing buyer. I fondly remember visiting their stores (particularly U Hills) as a child and lament that such a wonderful piece of Denver's history is gone.

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