Remembering Denver's Fashion Bar


Fashion Bar was so awesome! I remember going as a kid/teen.

It seems like it was so awesome! Thanks for reading!!


I went to Stevens grade school with.young Jack in the 40s.

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I have fashion bar drawings from Adrian

I worked at FB as an assistant buyer for 10 years in the 80's and it was a privilege to work for the Levy's. Once the company was sold, it went rapidly downhill. During those years, we watched Neusteter's close, May D&F, the Denver Dry and Joslin's change hands and eventually close, leaving behind very little in the way of high quality consumer shopping choices. I miss FB and wonderful and talented people who made it successful.

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Sad that all of those stores closed in just a matter of a few years. Thank you for sharing your story, Leslie!

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Fun article. I wish there was more. Leslie and I were assistant buyers in the women's department at the same time. I wonder what happened to so many of the talented people who worked there.I still keep in touch with a few but many more have seemingly disappeared..

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Sign up on the memories of fashion bar page on Facebook

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Jon- I've been trying to find you! I'm on FB, are you? Let's reconnect!

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Email me at:
I hope to hear from you!

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