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I went to Neusteters downtown and in Cherry Creek as a child...lots of memories. It was a chi chi place to go and we had to dress nice. My mother shopped there in the 50s and 60s and my grandparents shopped there in the 20s and 30s.

A family tradition! Thanks for commenting!

I asked my mom how she could afford all the clothes for me while I attended Clarke School for the Deaf in Northampton, Massachusetts, and she said she got 50% off on everything. I know why, Myron’s grandson is also deaf, so the Neusteter family has a heart for deaf/hard of hearing children. Thank you.

What a wonderful story of kindness! Thank you for sharing, Mary Pat.

They didn't close in May of 1986, that is when Rothchilds came in and began the liquidation of Neusteters. Neusteters remained opened for 90 days after May 26, 1986. I know I was the last employee to walk out of Neusteters.

Thanks for your comment, Elizabeth. I will be updating the article. I reviewed the May 29, 1986, Rocky Mountain article entitled "Neusteters Closes Creek Store, Its Last" and the article mentions the following:

"The store will reopen for a liquidation sale in a few days, pending bankruptcy court approval..."

I worked at Neusteters from July 1974 to June of 1977. I managed the “Bargain Bazaar” in the basement of the Colorado Springs store. I eventually moved on as gm of several departments. I loved working there. My husband was military but was accepted to medical school in NY so we moved. I’ve always wondered where the “kids” Bob and Dave (hope I got the names right) ended up.

Thanks for sharing your Neusteters story, Meg!


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