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What a wonderful place to warm up! Thanks for sharing your memories, Glenna!

My grandmother worked as a seamstress at Neusteters for many years. She also made most of my clothes when I was a child. She would often put a Neusteters label in the clothes. As an adult I loved to shop in the downtown store. I think about the store every time I am on the 16th Street Mall (which is twice a week).

Thanks for sharing your family connection to Neusteter's with us! 

My mother loved shopping at Neusteters. She had a beautiful gray gabardine suit that she bought/wore in the 1950s, I wore in the 1980s, and my daughter wore in the early 2000s. I still have her burgundy wool purse with the Neusteter's label. Timeless!

Sounds like Neusteter's provided your family with some truly lovely heirlooms. What a fun story--thank you for sharing, Florence!

My mom faithfully had her hair done in the lovely beauty salon every Friday, and I would have my hair cut there every time I came home from Clarke School for the Deaf in Massachusetts. And I always had compliments on my clothes my mom bought at Neusteters. I wish the Neusteter stores would never die!

Thanks for sharing your memories, Mary Pat! We've had so many comments on this post--it seems others also wish Neusteter's was still in business!

Thank you for the trip down memory lane. I worked at the downtown Neusteter's as an accounting clerk from 1976-79. It's still one of the best jobs I ever had-- I treasure my memories of the store and its staff! I'd love to learn more of its history.

Thanks for reading and commenting, Teresa! 

I purchased an amazing mid length black velvet coat recently. Looks like its from the 30s. Perfect condition. Nuesteters label and all. Cant wait to wear it. Must have been a fine store. Thnaks for all the information.


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