Exploring the 15 Floors of the Daniels & Fisher Department Store


My mother was a "Layout Artist" at the May Company

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How cool, Peter! Thanks for commenting!

I remember going to the tower and shopping at Daniels and Fisher in the early 50s. Thanks for the marvelous memories.

My father worked in the toy department. He talked about a very tall man that ran the elevator.

I bet that was a fun department to work in! Thanks for reading, Michele!

You're thinking of the doorman, Karl Zandell, who stood 7'3" and weighed 287 lbs

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Actually his name was Carl Sandell. D&F did a post card featuring him on one side and the tower on the other. The post card listed big Carl at 7' 5" and 310 lbs which was a bit of an stretch. He was actually 7' 2".

I remember shopping there with my mother in the 1950s and visiting a doctors office located on one of the high floors of the tower. Riding the elevator all that way up was an adventure.

I bet that was a treat! Thanks for sharing, Lois!

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