Denver Coffee House Menus: Paris on the Platte, Muddy’s and the Mercury Cafe


Yes - City Spirit, so many great memories there and at Paris.

I loved the coffee houses as a teenager in the 90s! Paris, Muddy's, the Merc, The Market and also St. Mark's. Seems like there was a pool house/bar at 15th and Market (ish) that allowed underage kids to hang out... Charlie's maybe? Not Charlie Brown's or the the dance club on Colfax. Loved City Spirit Cafe. And of course, Rock Island!! So many more...

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Yes, Calvin's! Thanks!

You only left out Mary & Lou’s Cafe on 1st & Broadway. Depending on which end of town the night found you, it was the counter balance.
Jeff, who owned Parks on the Platte, also owned Left Bank Books in the old Muddy’s location at 15th & Platte.
We were a small, but tight knit community of both Boomers and Xers that haunted Denver’s late night cafes. It’s a part of the city sadly missing today.

Stupid autocorrect - Paris not Parks.

The cheese board at Muddy's was the ultimate lux, Bill's grilled cheese at the Black Pearl, curry chicken salad sandwich at The Market

Paris and Cafe Euphrates were my haunts. There seems to be a listing for Euphrates in a different location now, not sure if it’s the same folks who own it, but it used to be a block from Strings. 17th & Franklin-ish. Spent hours and hours and hours there as a teen. Had amazing house coffee that’s still kinda my “white whale” when it comes to coffee.

Euphrates! I forgot about that one. Thanks for the reminder. played some shows there as a teenager.

It was Calvin’s! The space is now occupied by P.F. Chang’s. Awesome bartender who took pity on us with age deficits. Then, of course, there was The Wreck Room in the basement of 1082. Love how one thing leads to another—coffeehouses to clubs. Actually, the order of the night was usually in reverse!

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