Denver Coffee House Menus: Paris on the Platte, Muddy’s and the Mercury Cafe


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Hibiscus tea and apple juice

Egyptian sunrise
Hibiscus and apple juice with an orange slice on top!

I saw a lot of punk and ska shows at the Mercury Cafe in the early to mid '90s. I also spent a lot of time at Wax Trax and Imi Jimi when I wasn't skateboarding at Skyline Park. It was a different city back then.

My daughter and I were the last to walk out of Paris on the Platte, with Faye, herself, on its last day of business. I gave Faye the only print I ever made of a photograph I took of the tables, there... iconic as they were. I have a pretty complete set of Paris menus from over the years, including the piece shown, here. I did spoken word, there... saw the local kids all seeking that greater stage. So many loves, some of whom are also no longer with us. In my memory castle, in the foundations that make me who I am, there will always be Paris.

You are my people! Oh so many memories of Paris, St. Marks, The Mercury Cafe and Cafe Euphrates. Growing up in the burbs of Denver and then escaping to the downtown coffee houses is how I spent most of my afternoon’s and weekends in my teen years. Smoking, laughing and reading while getting introduced to new people who I was able to vibe with. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Ah Muddy's ... So many memories pact into clove cigarettes, poetry on cheap shelves, and the taste of Fruit Loops in the guise of the Egyptian Sunrise

One of my favorite memories as a blue haired youth is wearing a straight jacket at Saint Marks downtown. I’d sip coffee out of a straw. It was joyous.

There was a great art scene at Saint Marks uptown too.
I have to agree on the music. Nirvana was far to main stream for anybody hanging out. Cocteau Twins often playing or performing at the Merc. I can remember putting our own eclectic orchestra together at the Merc too.

Hi Troy. A straight jacket and a straw. Now THAT'S an amazing, amusing image!



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Agreed. Denver was more "post punk/ goth centric" or "punk and ska centric back then. I think I saw that orchestra performance you mentioned and it was amazing!


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