Denver Dining of Yore: Boggio’s Parisienne Rotisserie



Thank You for this article. I have been working in hotels and restaurants in Colorado since 1968 and find stories of past restaurants enjoyable.

My grandfather had Viva Sempre Boggio on one of his last menus. So his wish did come true after all. I am writing a book called The Portrait of a Witch about the family and how my evil aunt-the witch- lusted after my dad and attempted to destroy so many lives. I thank you for keeping my family history.


Colorado Price Enforcement. Do they still exist? Maybe they could help with rent control today. Boggios must have made one of the enforcers mad by serving them a small plate or forgetting to pay them off. I like the lounge(not a bar or club).Great article.

Thanks for reading! The Colorado Price Control Enforcement no longer exists. It ceased operation in 1953. This field office (located in Denver) was part of the larger U.S. Office of Price Stabilization (1950-1953). The National Archives houses these records:…

Denver's records appear under this subseries: 

  • 295.3 Field Office Records 1950-53

There is a very cool postcard for sale on ebay right now (3-21-2016). If I was family I think I might buy it. 1937-Denver-Colorado-Boggios-Parisienne-Rotisserie-Grill-and-Cocktail-Lounge The site won't allow me to post the address link but I think you could search it to find it. Listed for $8.00.

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