Denver Dining of Yore: Boggio’s Parisienne Rotisserie



I have a souvenir photo of my grandmother’s family at Boggio’s, including my aunt when she was very little, must’ve been taken around 1950. Interestingly the cover says “the world-famous Boggio’s” that lists the address as 1747 Fremont Street (not Tremont) in Denver, Colorado. I guess they had a typo on their souvenir photos?


Quick correction: I’ve confirmed with my aunt that she is the little girl in the photo, and it was taken in 1945. The two uniformed men (her much older cousins) were about to go overseas to fly bombers.


I grew up living across the street from the Boggios. they also
Had a daughter, Natalie, who was my friend.
They took me to their restaurant to eat many times and I loved riding in their big car that was a convertible that had a windshield in the back seat. They also had the first electric garage door. I can still see him opening it from his car at a pole
In the driveway. Hardly ever saw their sons. One was in the Navy.

My dad Alfred Vincent Boggio was in the navy during WWII. He served as a Sea Bee. His battalion rebuilt Keneohe air base after the Japanese attack on Hawaii. He went to Okinawa and Tinnian. My dad knew Col Paul Tibbets and was there when the Enola Gay took off.When he came back after the war, my dad went to college at the University of Denver and studied Hotel and Restaurant Management. He did not want to take over the restaurant. He became a manager for American Airlines bar in their club at Stapleton Airport. My dad and I traveled the world. My mom came sometimes, but she was a nursing home and hospital administrator and could not always get away. Was this the house on Birch Street?

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