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HI Ed - Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts on JFK assassination papers. You are correct that there some rare birds out there, as the article indicates. Some of the most prized papers are the special editions that were produced as the news broke. That said, most of the papers that came out the next morning have almost no monetary value, but are interesting artifacts, nonetheless. 

I have numerous copies of different newspapers on President Kennedy
Assination. How much would the be worth? All in Good condition.
From 1-10 (4-8.5)rateing .

Hi RP - I'm sorry, but we are unable to do appraisals of any kind. As the article indicates, however, most JFK assassination papers have almost no monetary value. That doesn't mean that they're not interesting artifacts, just that you won't get much money for them if you try to sell them. Thanks for reading!

I found a original copy of the Dallas morning new november 23 1963 covering jfk' s assassinaion . I was doing a remodel of an old house close to Dallas. Any idea what it could be worth?

Assassination of our President like Kennedy. Landing on moon, largest number of hot dogs eaten. Haveing so many copies of the newspapers, has no real monetary value other than to say look w grandpa saved n show the kids in school check out how old n look at the way things were n saved from back in thier time. Its truly sumthing to be proud of, (our past on paper)

Armand, you get it. These papers are really amazing, interesting, and fun artifacts that can stimulate great conversations, but if you're looking for an investment, you might want to purchase something else. Thanks for reading and commenting!

I found a very well preserved newspaper from the rocky mountain times front page reads JFK slayer shot dead! Can't find any other one online like it.

Hi Alisha - Headlines like that really capture the intensity of that historical moment. Given the speed at which we consume news today, it's hard to imagine how events like the JFK assassination were processed by the analog media of the 1960's. Thanks for sharing that with us!

I was fortunate enough to be able to get over 150 of the
Dallas morning news from the day of our Greatest Presidents ever. I don't know what to do with them. They're like brand new. I can barely want to even read them it hurts to see this.

These newspapers Everytime I see them makes me want to cry. Why would someone do such a thing ? I met JFK and Ted and Tip O'Neill at a Bruins game sitting right next to them laughing along with them. That was the pleasure of my life. I will never forget that ever in my lifetime.


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