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Hi Arlene - Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately, we've found that these papers don't have much monetary value and we do have copies of them already. All the best!

I have Denver post newspapers still in great condition most near November and September of days 23-(27-29) 1963 wanted to know the worth of them all. But also have many more i cant quit describe. They all include the assassination of

Great post! Not only helpful, but very interesting. Thank you!

I happend to com across president john f. Kenndy year of auction 1961_1963
Its dated December 29th 1963...
Not sure of ot has vaule but it's kept in a picture fram.
Any help wld be helpful.

I have a Detroit Free Press of the Kennedy assassination that is a misprint how many of these were there and what is the value of a misprint Kennedy assassination paper

Hi Randy - I'm sorry, we are unable to provide appraisals of JFK assassination papers. We would point out that it was pretty common for newspapers to go to print with the information they had at hand, and these kinds of "errors" are pretty common.

For example, the Denver Post won a Pulitzer prize for a Columbine special edition that suggested as many as 24 people were killed at the school when the final number was 13.

I also have that newspaper everybody has it

They are, indeed, very common. Hence the lack of monetary value. They might gain some value once people start throwing them away but, given the tone of the comments on this blog, that seems unlikely to happen anytime soon!

I have every newspaper for the buffalo evening news that has to do with JFK from the day he became president to his assination his as well as JFK and JFKjr obituary cards even the paper about Oswald Cobbelpot arrest and could not find a buyer can read every letter on every page lol

Thanks for the comment Andy. I think JFK assassination paper buyers are few and far between!


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