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Hi Jazzel - Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, we're unable to provide appraisals of any kind. I would suggest you take your paper to an antique shop. While it probably has a high sentimental value, chances are the monetary value isn't all high. Good luck!

I have the same paper and was just wondering the same thing. Anyone with an answer is greatly appreciated.

Hi Pam - Thanks for commenting. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these papers have almost no monetary value. The problem is that so many people kept them, so there are plenty of them on the market. This drives the price down significantly. 

I seen one go under hammer for 13 GBP not in mint condition but was in tact.

Hi Mark - I think that 13 GBP ($16 UDS) sounds like a really good deal on one of these. They may be common, but they're still pretty cool. 

They are Priceless. You should keep this in a safe place for your Grandkids to see.


What city is it from? I have one from Chicago and it's worth about $350 in good condition.

I have a 1963 Nov 24th section of JFK is it any value

Hi Crystal - I'm sorry, but we can't do appraisals of any kind. You could take your paper to an antique shop but, in all likelihood they would probably tell you that it's sole value is sentimental - not monetary. 

If it was so easy to view and see these JFK first day assassination papers then why did it take a team to track down many of these. Some never seen before.
Some from private collections, and other sources had to be bought as no "library" has them.

Researchers pay for originals that have direct quotes and bits of the story that doesn't always make it into library collections or archives. Call the National archives and they can give you a list of papers they don't have from 11/22/63

So when someone comes along and says don't worry about that junk, think twice!


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