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Will sell (2) full Papers (1963) with: JFK Papers Washington Post (Kennedy/Oswald) both for $50.00 email: Thanks and this is fair

I have articles of jfk I have for sell

Contact me I have jfk newspaper

My name is Tim and my girlfriend gave me many John F. Kennedy complete newspapers from November 24th 1963 that covered the assassination...They are in fair to good condition...We want 275.00 for one...They are from Chicago Times...One of the papers is called Chicago Sun-Times dated Sunday November 24th 1963...We also have original newspapers covering the death of Elvis Presley from 1977...My number is 336-343-9857 if interested...

Contact me at

Hello Rebeka I am so sorry to hear about what you both have endured . I would like to offer you a deal on a jfk paper . 304 373 6826

I have a copy I could sell you give me a call

I have a copy I could sell you give me a cal.l

If you’re looking for the November 22,23,24 1963 newspaper, I have the Milwaukee Journal in Wisconsin. Email:

Hi ken
My name is marcia and i have several papers from jfks incident and im not sure how many are complete papers or incomplete and also have an issue from feb 8, 1943 looks to be the intire paper but still grandma left me a old chest and these were in there, but would part with them my email is or phone number is 317-220-0217 thanks for your time ken


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