Celebrating Denver's Lost Restaurants

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It was the 94th Aeor Squadron. I worked there in the early 80's. You could watch the planes on the runway and listen to the control tower at some of the tables.


Emil-Lene's Steakhouse on Smith Road and Chambers. Had the tree growing through the roof. Veggie sled served in a ice cream sundae bowl.


Was glad to see Harry Jones remembered Saltwater Dumas on Smith Rd and Kearney.
Every kind of seafood you could want. I worked there for two years in the 60's


Thank you all for the memories. The Tiffin in Writer’s Manor was a fave. Hospitality by Hogan also.
Need some help..with the current flap over Tom’s diner, I’ve been trying to recall a White Spot locales. Wasn’t one on Hampden near or on the property now the ?New York Deli News? I remember an Azar’s there also. Thanks.


Growing up in Denver in the 40's and 50's, I recall my parents taking the family to a restaurant called the Blue Parrot. Anyone recall where it was?

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