Celebrating Denver's Lost Restaurants

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I believe that that was Footer's. I lived right down the street at 11th and Clarkson in the 70s. That place was waayyy overrated, food was good but staff's performance in serving their less-affluent and female customers was offhand and perfunctory.


Looking for info & photos of downtown restaurant "CUP N SAUCER". Mid 1950s, it was a hang out for airmen on the weekends. Thank you


There used to be a Mexican restaurant at the junction of I-25 and Coal Mine Rd. long before C-470 was built. You couldn't miss it because of the huge sign that read, "Margaritas". Come to think of it, maybe that was the name of the place.
Another Mexican eatery was near Baby Doe's, west of !-25 facing downtown. I can't recall its name either. Good food and great atmosphere.


Hi, am trying to find the address and any photos of a small, long closed eatery called The Sandwich Tree. I met my wife to be there in 1968.

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