Celebrating Denver's Lost Restaurants

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I worked for Jack Hogan (as his private chauffeur) who owned the Cantubury Inn and the London House. Those where great times.


I am wondering about the Plainview Restaurant. It had been located in Northwest Denver. I have found no information about it. Back in the 1980's and 1990's, we met there regularly to listen to a presentation by a variety of politicians. It was said that no candidate would succeed in Democratic politics unless they appeared at the Plainview.

Hi Mary Jane - Thanks for the question on the Plainview. It's no one I'm familiar with and it doesn't appear in our Subject Index, but I wonder if any of our other readers remember it? I'm thinking that some of those secret seats of power may have flown under the radar. Le Profile at 1560 Sherman was a hotseat of local GOP politics for a time, too. 

Take care!


Does anyone remember that restaurant in Denver that was famous for their rosin potatoes? Probably 1940's - 1960's?? What was the name?


Does anyone remember a the names of the club's that were at the old turn of the century building

Depends on which Turn of the Century building you are referring to. It was on Hampden near Poplar originally then moved to Hampden and Yosemite. Then it became the Maui Bay Club, then the Denver!Denver!


I had my first canoli in Utica, NY in the mid '70s which was like what you described as the North Denver canoli. When I looked for them later I was quite surprised that they were a cream filled pastry rather than a rolled pizza.

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