Celebrating Denver's Lost Restaurants

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Wonderful post, Brian--indeed, just thinking about the lost great restaurants of yesteryear can get one all choked up...does anyone remember the stunning views of Denver seen from "Top of the Rockies" restaurant? or Lyle Alzados? very different from Elways or Shanahans--Lyle Alzado was one of the old-timer Broncos who opened a down-to-earth sort of eatery after his football playing days were over. Ah,the good ol' days

My mother took us 3 kids when we were very young to Top of the Rockies and all we could afford was a plate of French fries. We were in heaven~ it's the little things. I also remember the Drumstic too.


And then there's all the restaurants closing this year! RIP, Las Delicias, Rosa Linda's, and Le Central, just to name a few. :(


There were a couple of "hungry" restaurants in Denver: the Hungry Farmer and the Hungry Dutchman. The Farmer was across the street from the Villa Italia shopping center. The Dutchman was in the building that's now Landry's in the Tech Center. When it first opened it was considered to be way out on the edge of town. A bit more upscale was Sperte's Laffite in Larimer Square, where Temayo is now. Other Larimer Square restaurants were the Magic Pan, the Bratskellar, and the Prairie Schooner. I used to enjoy going to Don Quijote's on South Federal back in the day.

Someone mentioned Top of the Rockies--that was where I went with my folks for my high school graduation. But before that a group of my friends celebrated our graduation at a swank place called " The PTI" on east Hampden. We felt like real big shots.

That's good stuff, Jude! Thanks for sharing  your memories with us. There are actually a few Hungry Farmers still operating, including one in La Junta.


What about Sperti's Laffite Restaurant on 14th and Larimer. I worked there in the early 70's. Great food.

Hi David. Laffite's in Larimer Square made the best onion soup, covered with a thick coat of cheese, and home made bread to dip into it. I worked in the square from 1973 to 1978. Great little shops, restaurants. But now, it has lost its small charm. Those days are gone.

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