Celebrating Denver's Lost Restaurants

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We visited Denver in the 70’sand went to a restaurant called the Library that was known for their Monte Christo sandwiches among other things. I was in my teens and it is still one of those great life memories

The old Apple Tree Shanty restaurant which opened in 1949 was located at 8710 East Colfax Ave. at Xanthia Street. The Apple Tree Shanty graced the east Denver city limits on Colfax Avenue until the late 1990s.

Their specialty dish was beef tenderloin tips seared in a unique cast aluminum apple mold with a removable lid. The mold and lid were heated to a high 400 degree temperature on the apple wood grill, then the seasoned tips were stuffed in the mold and topped with the hot lid. The dish was served in the mold on a white plate. The beef came out perfectly seasoned and seared to medium rare. This dish was accompanied by a giant loaded baked potato. Credit: https://www.colfaxavenue.org/2014/11/the-old-apple-tree-shanty.html


Looks like a really good book, fun to read, it might bring back memories for my mom when she was very young!

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