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Great post Brian!

A great write for all to see. We will never forget that day especially when I was only 6 years old. Remember the teacher telling us to go home. Then of course the TV's were blaring away. We can only hope this never happens again. May God Bless Our President John Fitzgerald Kennedy for all he stood for. Amen

Thanks for adding a bit of perspective, Tygeign!

I have 7 complete newspapers from JFK assasination of JFK they range from the the Houston Chronicle to the Houston Press and my Ex had these and wants me to help him sell them cause he is ill and needs the money! The whole paper is in good shape and I’m really at a loss on what to do with them my number is 512-636-5949. My name is Mary

Hi Mary - I'm sorry to hear about your ex's situation. I'm also sorry to say that it's unlikely he'll find a buyer willing to pay much for these items. As the article indicates, there are simply too many of these papers still floating around for almost any of them to have any sort of financial value. 


Do you still have these?

My phone is+19365241235

I have quite a few newspapers, clippings (11/23/1963) and two Time Magazines (11/29/1963) call me at 6062154011 or email at candyann112281 at gmail

If you’re looking for the November 22,23,24 1963 newspaper, I have the Milwaukee Journal in Wisconsin. Email:

Hi ken
My name is marcia and i have several papers from jfks incident and im not sure how many are complete papers or incomplete and also have an issue from feb 8, 1943 looks to be the intire paper but still grandma left me a old chest and these were in there, but would part with them my email is or phone number is 317-220-0217 thanks for your time ken

Ken we have a bunch from the Dallas morning news if you're intrested. These are originals not reprints. 940-372-8978


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