Touring the Metropolitan: Once Denver’s Largest Theater


Amazing article! We are related to Harry Samm, of Wessels & Samm. Additionally the was manager of the Lyceum theater in Leadville! So glad this article was done and done well. Thank you!

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Very cool, and thank you for the additional information on Harry Samm. Glad you enjoyed the article.

What all was built after the walls came down?

Good question, Judith! From Martin (the author of this fine piece):

After the remains of the outer walls of the Metropolitan Theatre were torn down in 1910, a large office building was constructed on the four lots.  According to the 1929 edition of the Sanborn Fire Insurance maps, at that time the building contained the offices for the Board of Water Commissioners and on the second floor the University of Denver's Law Department.  

This building survived into the 1950s, when it was eventually torn down to make way for the Hilton, currently Sheraton Hotel.  

The line about the competing Broadway Theater makes me interested in hearing more about that theater. Can you do another blog about the Broadway Theater and what was built after, since it's not around anymore?

Thanks for letting us know, Auggie! I'll talk to Martin and see if we can get a Broadway blog post underway. Glad you're interested.

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