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My favorite legend about the Packer trial, unfortunately not true, was that the outraged judge said at the sentencing, "There was seven demmicrats in Hinsdale County and you up and ate five of them."
I went to CU in Boulder when the eatery in the University Memorial Center was called the Packer Grill, featuring the redoubtable sandwich offering, the "Packer Snacker".

Yes its a hilarious legend for sure.

You should set the record straight on the spelling of his name. Are there any documents that show it as "Alferd"? It appears in these letters that he signed his name as Alfred, the Civil War enlistment register has Alfred written, the Supreme Court Case records have Alfred, and his headstone has Alfred.

I propose that you change the title of the collection to reflect his given name and the name he went by. There is no proof that the story of the supposed misspelled tattoo is true. It's bad enough to be known forever as a cannibal but then to have a silly misspelling stick with you forever?

Actually there are a few documents that do show his name spelled as Alferd. In fact, some of them are signed by Packer himself. He is known to have gone by both names during his lifetime as well.

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