Murder in the Cathedral


You were telling me about this. What an interesting story from beginning to end! Thanks for sharing it.

Glad you enjoyed it! Denver is full of truly weird history.

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please see my article in Fearless Before the Lord: Giuseppe Alia and Religious and Political Radicalism" in "Journal for the Study of Radicalism", vol. 13, number 2, fall 2019, pp. 45-63

Thank you, Michele. A colleague was able to get me access to your article. I will add it to the file we have on Alia. I found the background information regarding Pachino and the Waldensians particularly fascinating.

What an intriguing story! I was totally unaware of this person and his crime. Thanks for writing it up.

Thanks so much, Cori! I too was shocked when my colleague, Laura, came across this story.

Why was the last sentence necessary? A qualifier to reduce the gravity of the murder?

Rich, I don't see how the statement minimized the crime. It serves to show that much of the panic surrounding a national plot was, as so often happens, unfounded. Police in Chicago, for example, were talking about arming priests at the time. Thanks for reading.

Fr Leo Heinrichs served as a visiting priest for a year or so in the 1890s in my parish of St Marys in Far Rockaway, Queens NY.

Sean, that would make sense since he had only arrrived in Denver from New York in 1907. Thanks so much for reading. 

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