Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric is Slow to Evolve



Yes, I agree, build the wall. Nothing I just read has been said about the current situation. They are NOT immigrants, they are illegals.Live decent lives..Black, White, Hispanic etc. And God will help you. Quit whining. My life has been extremely hard, but I am not whining about it, nor does it give me an excuse to hate anyone,steal from anyone, or get special perks or act like an animal. Last but not least, not every one is going to be rich and famous from rapping and hip hop..more important than MONEY is acting like a decent human being and not blaming others for every problem you have.Life is HARD for MOST of us whatever the color.

I agree here Rebecca...I too have been thru' a hard life..I tried 3 times to find a good job with starting pay at 10 to 12 an hour..Been to School 3 times for job training and received good grades. I was turned down because of some reason or another..


Wonderul example of an historic document(s) the Library offers for people to learn local history as well as true perspective, further illuminating parallels and intersections between yesterday and today. Thanks Alex.

Unfortunately, as you mentioned, the rhetoric used by some current government officials echoes this nasty, ugly sentiment concerning human beings in complex sets of situations, NOT simply “animals.” Progress much?

Onward and upward!


The library system's original intent was to give the average person a chance to move up by allowing them to improve themselves through self-education. It's sad that 'politics of envy' intervened and turned our public libraries into an extension of the public welfare system. It cuddles and provides no-pay jobs for no-skilled workers and perpetuates the belief that the system is rigged ala the Al Sharpton school of politics while a wealth of free knowledge is there for the taking for anyone willing to pay the price of studying.

It seems perplexing that an article about klan bigotry at a time when the klan ran most of Denver's government leads you to denounce the very idea of any rigging and leads you to attack, seemingly out of nowhere, Al Sharpton. Or, perhaps, its not perplexing at all.


Good and interesting article.

(I continue to be amazed at how ignorant and delusional some people are about their bigotry.)

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