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Thank you for bringing this topic up, Alex. After watching the film BlacKKKlansman I was interested in how the Klansmen were involved in Colorado, in real life. This answers it perfectly and it makes me sad to know that history is repeating itself. Change starts with education so hopefully people will use the library's free resources and educate themselves.

Thank you so much for the kind words, Mauricio. The Western History Department is open every day that the Central Branch is and we encourage people to come visit us and indulge their various interests. We are also able to provide tours for schools and other groups. Come on in and check out some history.

Some things this article -- with its disingenuous allusions to current politics -- fails to mention:

- The Ku Klux Klan was started by Democrats, and many prominent Democrats like Robert Byrd were members.
- Many Democrats are virulently anti-semitic/Israel.
- Nobody's against legal immigration. Democrats are pro-illegal immigration, in blatant violation of immigration laws.

As for Spike Lee's movies, they're blatant hagiographic propaganda.

I'm not clear what issue you are taking with the actual article. Its no secret that the Klan was previously populated by Southern Democrats until the national party passed the Civil Rights Act and turned the political landscape on its head. 



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