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Very nice view of the work it takes to put "all that stuff" online and make it accessible! You've inspired me to try to do the same.

Hi Kathy. Thanks for your comment, and for sharing the post to the Archives Think Tank! I hope you've got similar projects you can do from home (I know not all archivists do currently). If nothing else, this challenging moment in history will help us make progress on the never-ending behind-the-scenes work! If you do post something, please share. We'd all love to read it.

I love it! What a wonderful nuts and bolts description of archival work. You tied it in so beautifully with our current circumstances. Lovely photos by the way ;) particularly the last one.

You are too kind, Herm! Thanks for your comment. Only the best photographers contributed content for this post! 

This is great!

This is great!

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Thank you, Rosemary!

A great way to display your indispensable work behind the scenes. Well done!

Thank you, Vasilis! Glad you enjoyed it.

I retired last year from the Archives at Regis University. Your 'birds eye view' of archival work was so articulate and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed your accurate description, and the credit you gave to all your partners. Archival work is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

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