How do librarians work from home? (Part 1: Desert Island Books)

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So how does Harold Shecter say Packer’s first name was spelled in his book? Was it “Alfred” or “Alferd”?

Hi Ralph! Shecter generally uses "Alfred" though the tattoo on Packer's arm read, "Alferd". It's a debate for the ages! Thanks for the comment!

Did Alfred Packer attend the University of Colorado? Wondering how there came to be an Alferd Packer Days celebration. And why would college kids celebrate such a person?

Hi Mike - Thanks for the question. The first Alfred Packer Day at CU was in 1968, the same year they renamed the Roaring Fork Grill at the University Memorial Center in his honor. If I had to guess, given the time frame, it was an attempt at counter-culture humor. But it's a name that's stuck!

Very enjoyable blog post. Thanks and please keep them coming.
I ❤️ Libraries.

Thanks for the kind words, Eric! We're grateful for all the people who support public libraries and can't wait to see them all in person again! 

thanks for an inspiring selection on Denver history; Goodstein’s _Denver Streets_ is in my collection but out of print and sells for ridiculous sums at the typical sources for such books; even though i have a copy, and it’s fairly well-organized, i sometimes wish it were searchable; has DPL considered digitizing out of print books and making them available for text searches by patrons? this book would be a great candidate for such a service (and yes, i understand there are copyright issues)

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Hi Steve - Thanks for the kind words. Denver Streets is such a useful book (we actually snapped up the last two copies from Phil to add to the collection so we'd have copies for future generations!) We do try to digitize items when we can but, as you mentioned, those copyright laws are a hurdle. But we have digitized some great works like Jerome Smiley's History of Denver that are incredibly useful for researchers.

Take care!

Dante’s Inferno translated by John Ciardi
The Western History room is a special place. It represents what is best in public libraries. Hopefully life returns to normal soon but in the meantime and as always your email newsletter is a fine read.

Hi Edward - The desert island sounds like a perfect place for Dante! Thanks for the kind words on our room and email. We can't wait to welcome all of our WHG customers back! Take care. 

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