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Thanks for reading, Jon! An Earl Grey shake sounds awesome right about now. I remember all of those spots, and imagine many of us here might've seen you perform!

Fun to read this! I lived in Denver '79-'86 & frequented Muddy's when I was doing some acting at a space nearby (I forget exactly where). I was just reading an article about Eric Clapton in Rolling Stone & Muddy Waters was mentioned as an influence - which reminded me of Muddy's. I was in Denver this summer 2021 & could NOT remember the name!!!! I know the area has hugely changed but I'm glad to have remembered! Loved the late night post-theatre show meals & music!

I lived in Boulder in the 80's and as a devoted bicyclist with no car my boyfriend and I would ride the bus in Sunday's to catch a foreign movie matinee (the theater name escapes me) and then have brunch at the Merc -- usually would have the Posole and veggie stir-fry--- always great to talk about the movie and make new friends in the cultural touchstone and soul-soothing atmosphere that is the Mercury Cafe

paris, muddy's and merc, all great places. I got 86'd out of muddies for some reason I don't remember. spent many a night swing dancing at merc, and endless hours at paris; it was chocolate, coffee and orange on top, I don't remember the name. I met Sharon Fisher at Muddy's, she was very much wife material, but who knows where people disappear off to in our lives. For all of us, there is a day - unbeknownst to us at the time - where we part, not realizing that we'll never see them again.


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