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Lists the employee’s name, occupation, birth date, birthplace, railroad, and archive box number containing the employee record, file number, and remarks. Publication is marked as Volume III, though it combines the information from Volumes 1-3 into one aggregated list. More detailed versions of these records are housed at the Colorado Railroad Museum Library.

List of some 1400 names of pioneers who arrived in Colorado prior to February 26, 1861. Names organized alphabetically and include short biograhpies.

Members of the Grand Army of the Republic from Colorado who were buried in the G.A.R. burial ground at Riverside Cemetery. Includes those buried and later removed from Calvary [Catholic], Hebrew, and Old City [Mount Prospect] cemeteries, in Denver.

Index to over 5240 burial records in Riverside cemetery.

The index includes date of burial, name of deceased, age, location of burial and some additional information.

Index to registers of burial by Rogers and Nash Mortuary.