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Baist Atlas 1905

Historical map of Denver, Colorado. Included is a listing of all Additions and Subdivisions until the year 1905.

Biography and Genealogy Master Index

Index to biographical information on people from all time periods, geographical locations, and fields of endeavor.

Available in library or with library card

Birds of America, John James Audubon

List of the 105 prints and title page from the Birds of America from Original Drawings from John James Audubon. This is the reissued or partial edition from 1860. Some of the plates in this addition are printed together on one page instead of individually. The original edition printed between 1827-1838 contained 435 prints.  

Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library Minus Collections

Minus Collections usually consist of one folder only.

Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library Research Periodicals

Lists newspapers and academic journals in print and on microfilm in the research archives.

Boyer Funeral Home Records, 1874-1913

Serving Clear Creek County from 1874-1913, these records list names, death date, and record citations. More information on sources can be found in the introduction to this index.