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Park County, Colorado Historic Cemeteries

National Register of Historic Places documentation for historic cemeteries in Park County, Colorado. This includes town cemeteries, community cemeteries, and family cemeteries. This links to a History Colorado page with the full documentation.

Park County, Colorado School Census Records: 1908-1942 and 1950-1964

Includes student names, place of birth, date of birth, school district, parent or guardian, and years attended for 1908-1942, and 1950-1964.

Photographs of the 19th Century: A Process Identification Guide

This book is a guide to the identification and dating of all the known types of black and white 19th century photographs on all bases. It includes common commercial types as well as rarities and home-made varieties. The aim was to make this a self- sufficient reference for such readers as educators, students, historians, collectors, museums, photographers, antique dealers, and individuals seeking to identify and date family photographs.​

Pioneer Notebook Biographies

Short biographies of early Colorado pioneers. Includes index and list of sources.

Place Names of Colorado

A directory of places in Colorado. Includes town/location name, county, type, notes, whether in the 1949 and/or 1996 atlas, seat, section/township/range, and reference. 

Preserve Books!

Dos and Don'ts for handling books. With pictures!

Public Service Company of Colorado Publications Index

This index was created by Roger Dudley to capture the names and subjects found in Public Service Company publications from 1936 to 1993. The index indicates if photographic images are included in articles.