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The Denver Clerk and Recorder’s Office Denver County marriage license applications from 1903-2003 are housed at the Denver Public Library.  All of these records are restricted for privacy by Colorado state law (C.R.S. 24-72) and require a photo ID and proof of relationship to those named in the record for access.

Please fill out the Request Form for Records of the Clerk and Recorder of the City and County of Denver.


To find marriage dates & license numbers, check the resources below:

Colorado Marriages Index 1858-1939

Denver Marriages 1940-1974

Ancestry Library Edition (Search for marriage licenses 1950-2017)

MyHeritage (Search for marriages from 1970s - present)

In library only

Index lists name, residence, arrival date, from which state, date born, and date died. 

Membership roster as well as past commanders, 1899-1930. Digitization of these directories is ongoing, and they will be made available as they are completed.

Names of the mine owners/operators, mine or mill name, mining company name, page, county, and type of mine (metalliferous or coal).

Title of report, years, call numbers and more.

Personal information, dates of persons killed or injured, mine and more.

Mine name and location, date of disaster, number of deaths and more.

Index to Henderson, Hollister, and Canfield mining histories. Names of mines, mining companies, mining districts, lodes, veins, claims, and tunnels are indexed with page number.

Explore the lives of your ancestors and discover your family's history.

Available in library or with library card