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I am a native by my dad (not step dad) and he was part native but know one thiks i am so thank you and i have been trying to find myself and i think i am...! :)

I’m native American

Minnie Moore is grandmother james campbell is father. matha ann cook is mother. Homer Cook is grandfather. All maternal relationship

Please help me find my ancestors.

My maternal great- grandfather Jesse Hill married Francis (maiden name could have been Moore or Edwards) Between them they had eight children. They moved fromBroad River, York County, SC. Dove or Dovie Hill being my grandmother.

My paternal grandfather is Fred Reliford (also spelled Relaford). On his death certificate is Thomas Allen from Cherokee, NC. His mother was Channie Sampson (sometimes Tompson or Thompson). Fred was married to Sue Willie Heard.

I am the daughter of Leeomia (on birth certificate Leona) Byers and Robert Reliford. Leeomia is the grand-daughter of Jessie and Francis and daughter of Dove and Author Kincaid Byers.

Robert Reliford is the grandson of Fred Reliford Sr and Channie Sampson and the son of Fred Reliford and Sue Willie Heard Reliford.

i found throw my grandmother last name brown related to sexton witch part of the usa indian census dated 1885-1940 odd thing was this link would never been discover but throw a dna test was made possable now i trace backwords throw there tree, not mine shows same thing, this the above page says lot what do we want we want nothing at all from no one but maybe to recover part of what we lost what all people lost, part history, we seak no money seak nothing, we dont care what they have we care what the history says no more

I was always told that I was part Native American it can’t find anything through However my brother’s daughter got proof and so did my cousin Polly Hill. I am 82 and really want proof. I don’t want money or anything except a letter or something that recognizes my heritage. My grandfather Virgil Eugene Hill and was married to Elisabeth Minerva Hamilton. My father was Fred Hill and was married to Virginia Corine Tanguary . I have no living male relatives and as far as I know my heritage came from my father’s side. Can some one help me. I was told I was Cherokee but my grand father refused to be listed on the rolls. Ancestry showed that he lived on Indian land in Oklahoma.

I would like to find out if I am part Florida Seminole or Black foot tribe. Descendants of Mosias Hart, Ira Wilkerson, Defuniak Springs Florida.

I was brought up knowing my grandfather on my mother's side was Cherokee, last name being SPROUSE, yet how can I prove this? Enrolling 2 kids intro College and this info would help immensely.

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