Solid Muldoon, or the Cardiff Giant Heads West

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Thanks for such a great post, Chris! For anyone wanting to visit this Solid Muldoon "Point of Interest", the site also offers a beautiful view of mountains surrounding Beulah Valley, where another nefarious figure in Beulah history used to hide his stolen cattle (Beulah was originally called Mace's Hole). Now that I work in preservation of collections, my guess is that the original Solid Muldoon just didn't hold up over time - I don't think of baked ground meat and dried fruit as preservation-quality materials!


Your stereoviews were produced by James Thurlow, Manitou's first photographer (1874-78). He also produced a variation of that side view showing the prehensile tail, and a close-up of just the head, as well as a 4x7-inch non-stereo image of the better view shown above. Other period photographers also published copies of the stereoviews; I have one by Shipler and Williamson, who were active in Denver in 1877.


Does anyone know where the original Solid Muldoon ended up? not the replica bored near Beulah?

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