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If you want a fictional take on the Satanic Panic, or at least the day care part of it, pick up the horror book "Whisper Down the Lane." Link:

Thanks so much for linking to that. It sounds like the perfect novel to reflect back on this period. 

Great blog! Fear seems to be the tool most used to motivate people in the most interesting ways...

Thanks for the kind words. As long as fear works, it seems it will be employed.

What a fantastic post! I've been listening to the podcast "You're Wrong About" which debunks moral panics so it was very cool (and exasperating!) to learn about the local version of Satanic Panic. That Warnke was a piece of work!

Thanks so much! A colleague recently recommended that podcast too. What is also surprising is that Warnke is still is Bob Larson. 


Great article. Thanks for writing this!

Thanks so much for the kind words. 

What a great article! I particularly liked the "common signs of deviant pagan and satanic practices" lol

Thank you for this!

Im so glad you enjoyed it. I also remember television ads for rehab centers at the time suggesting that your teen is likely a drug addict if they are moody and don't love hanging out with their parents. 


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