Beginning April 20, the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Blair-Caldwell Branch Library are closed. The archives and book collection on 2nd floor are in the process of being moved to Central Library where they will be available via the Special Collections Reading Room on 1st floor starting May 1.

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Interesting read. I always wondered where the name Wewatta came from.

Thanks, Monica! You'd be amazed at the interesting facts we run across when researching these blogs that we aren't able to include!

Back in the '80s there was a restaurant/bar in lower downtown called The McGaa Lounge. I'm assuming it was on Market Street but so much has been torn down and rebuilt in that part of town I can't recognize where it might have been.

I think that Wazee is also named after McGaa's wife? He had more than one wife, and Wazee and Wewatta were Native American.

Hi Jude - According to Phil Goodstein's book "Denver Streets" (our go-to for any Denver street question) Wazee was "allegedly" named for one of McGaa's mistresses - though that's never been confirmed. Thanks for reading and commenting!

I enjoy information about Denver’s history, anything from the early beginnings up to today. Hard to believe all of the recent growth in the area that used to be under the viaducts.

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