Who was the first baby born in Denver? The answer depends on how you ask

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S. M. Rooker brought his wife daughter and son from Salt Lake in summer of 1858. He is credited with having built one of the first 3 houses in Auraria which was completed around October 25-29, 1858. Beyond that I can find no information on the man or the family. But I think the son, at least, was still in Denver in 1925. Can anyone point me in the direction of finding out what became of S.M. Rooker and family?


Lena Magnes is another candidate for the first white girl, born May 11, 1860 "on the banks of Cherry Creek". They didn't say which bank, but at that time most of the campers were on the undeveloped east bank (Denver)


I would think the first baby girl born goes to William and Margaret Kartchner, Mormon pioneers who gave birth to a girl near Denver in 1846.

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